A Tuscan Summer In Brooklyn (Pt. 1) – SOLD OUT

A Tuscan Summer In Brooklyn (Pt. 1) – SOLD OUT

Thursday, Jul 14, 2016 - Saturday, Jul 23, 2016 from 7.00 pm - 10.00 pm at The Tuscan Gun - Officine Alimentari

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When Summer comes around, Tuscany’s countryside starts drying up and the fields around our property glow like precious metal. The heat makes every stem of grass crunchy, it silences the birds and keeps all wild animals hidden in the bushes until sunset. The only one sound that truly marks the day passing by is the incessant singing of cicadas that says: “Stay indoor, it’s too hot out here!”.

As the day comes to an end, shadows start getting longer on the ground, the singing of the cicadas slowly fades out, swallows start diving off the barn’s roof and begin feeding their little ones… Boars, deer, phaesants and hares start exiting the woods and roaming the fields.

This passing of the day into a cooler evening is somewhat of a sacred moment (I am sure all of you can relate) : “Not too hot to drink anymore!”. My grandfather would pop open a bottle of Prosecco or a very young Chianti (to which he would not mind adding a couple of ice cubes), he would grab his deck of cards and sit me and my brother under the massive Magnolia tree right out of the kitchen and engage us in a fierce traditional “Briscola” battle. Lola and my mom would start setting the dinner table in a casual yet methodical way, my father would come back from his day at the hospital and eventually, as the fireflies started appearing around us, we would sit for dinner.

This summer menu is dedicated to those evenings of my youth; the sense of familiarity and hospitality that make the end of a summer day absolutely special in its simplicity.

As always, given the nature of our events and the small size of our room, tickets are transferrable but not refundable. Please double check your calendar before pulling the trigger! Our shop is not a restaurant but rather a communal dining room. We do not fire our orders based on your arrival time, we do not use heating lamps and we get sad when our food gets cold because a guest is late. Pretend you are coming to dinner at grandma… mine used to smack me if I was late for Sunday supper. We won’t get physical, we will just start without you around 7.15.


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