La Potatura – The Pruning – SOLD OUT

La Potatura – The Pruning – SOLD OUT

Friday, Feb 12, 2016 - Saturday, Feb 20, 2016 from 7pm - 10pm at The Tuscan Gun - Officine Alimentari

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The end of February marks a turn around moment in the Tuscan country side: after plowing the fields around the plants, comes time for the Olive Trees to get their pruning. The air stands still, while the mist slowly rolls in from the valley below our estate and gradually dissipates under the weak Sun… In these moments my land looks like a perfect post card with incredible contrast, it’s quiet and reassuring, something I always liked to contemplate and get lost into from my bedroom window while growing up.

The tree clippings are separated in two ways: the little ones are tighten together and delivered to the various farm houses on the estate, as they are used to start fireplaces and bread ovens, the bigger branches are piled up in the middle of a meadow and burnt. Thin lines of smoke come up into the air like grey paint strokes, a suddle crackling can be heard in the distance, and the pungent smell of wet olive wood burning make this

This menu is an homage to the farmers that work the hard fields throughout winter: hearty, seasonal and delicious.



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