Born in Florence, Italy, Gabriele has a passion for Tuscan cuisine that runs through his veins. He loves cooking for his family and will soon be serving up his delicious food to the public.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci

“Stop being a bad student, and go cook somewhere!” – My Father

I have never been a great student. Born to a surgeon and a schoolteacher, I was raised with high expectations. I had to fulfill my role in society.  According to my parents , that only could be achieved by earning a college degree. I gave it my best shot. I even enlisted in the Italian Army and studied medicine for several years.  I freaked out when I approached graduation and deployment simultaneously.

I decided to devote myself to music. I sold my Ducati, my treasured motorcycle, which totally broke my heart, and left for Brazil to study drums. I kept traveling for a time,  studying with drumming masters in Cuba and around Europe.   I have spent time in wonderful places and have had the opportunity to perform with great talent. My barn in Fiesole became a small museum of drums from all over the world.  I thought  I finally found myself. Music set me free!

Then one day,in Florence, I met Debi, and she swept me away. We fell in love the hot summer of 2001. I hugged my family goodbye and moved to California.  For the first time in my life,  I LEFT MY FARM BEHIND without  plans of returning anytime soon.

Once I arrived in the US It did not take me too long to realize that what I always had taken for granted, what I had always considered an inevitable boring and physically demanding part of my life in the Tuscan Country would be  an incredible asset on which I could build a career. Like most Italian men I was raised in front of the stove and already spent most of my life cooking.  Once again, I reinvented myself. All the work I had done in the vineyard, in the olive tree orchard, in my grandmother’s vegetable garden, all the stories and recipes I had learned from generations of women in my family, all the heritage traditions I was exposed to by the farmers, the hunters, and their wives… all this lives again in the work I do, the recipes I cook, and the way I celebrate Tuscany.

Who ever said that Italian food is “All the pasta you can eat”? Why should the majority of people believe that real Italian food has to come with a hefty price tag and an overpriced bottle of wine.  Real Italians eat well every single day on a budget and without wasting much. We cure meats, recycle stale bread in soups, usually prefer a half glass of young wine to anything else that a friend might have in his wine cellar.  Heritage, peasantry, and ease of use are the secrets of our trade.

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