Debi Mazar

Extra Virgin Season 5 – “Deb’s Fashion Show”

I have been a friend and admirer of Zac Posen since his debut in the fashion world. He is a true New Yorker, super smart, uber chic, and crazy talented. It’s not just his gowns that I swoon over, it’s his cooking!!! We follow each other on Instagram, and he posts his culinary creations constantly.

Give us our daily bread….

I was born in Queens,NY 1964. My mother was a few days shy of her 16th birthday when she had me. We lived with my grandmother and my young father. They were forced to be married for appearances,and it lasted only 3 years. I would say we were ‘Blue Collar’ at the time. Grandma had

From Jell-O to Tuscany!

This will be my ‘introductory’ post,a bit long,but info i thought interesting to share.I thought it time,to start writing with Gabriele on our blog finally. After 6+ years of filming and having Gabriele stuck at the computer, editing and doing all the posting, I must say, Thank You my Darling! And Thank you, to you