Below The Line – Day 2 It is already a waiting game!

We are all hungry here. Waiting patiently for our only real meal of the day. Evelina skipped lunch at school (she did not like their pizza) so she had a slice of bread and mortadella… the mortadella is already finished! Giulia, my youngest is zoning out in front of the TV, she asked for a snack. Guess what “Here’s a slice of bread!”.Cannot afford really vegetables or fruit. But I refuse to succumb to the “calorie diet” that is the only alternative for many people living here in the US. I have not spent a cent on processed food so far. I miss my calories, yes I would eat a Twix or a Mars bar to be able to carry on with the rest of my day. Business to wrap up, kids to bathe, homework to finish. On top of that Evelina is having her school tests this week, she needs to focus and to work hard, but her diet is not really a “performing one”.

Tonight I am cooking with ingredients I purchased yesterday, with the exception of the eggs, which I found today for $1.99; they are white, small, light… I hate it. But I’ll use it.

Dinner: Chicken breast bone broth with home made noodles. I stretched the dough with some water, so I was able to use 3 eggs instead of four. I am also baking a 1.5lb loaf of bread. I hope that when the broth is ready I will be able to scrape some meat off those bones.

Our family budget for the rest of the week is now $19.05. Tomorrow I will have to buy new stuff for the lunch boxes, maybe a couple of apples, and possibly some dirt cheap meat. I also need rice and beans.