Below The Line – Day 3 Feeling the effects

I will be short. I am tired. I am hungry. It’s dull. Very different from all the other times in life I usually say “I am hungry”. This is like an anesthesia that is progressively conquering me.

Monday was the euphoria of the beginning. Tuesday was the “look, we are not doing so bad” day. This morning I kept active and committed. I had my lunch of one slice of bread and one slice of mortadella, one glass of leftover broth from last night with an egg scrambled in it. It helped until I started yawning around 3 pm. From that moment on it has been a slow downfall until now. I am now finally cooking 1lb of dry pasta with one can of peeled tomatoes, half onion, one carrot and two celery ribs. Even if I made my soffritto with vegetable oil it smelled good! The bread is almost out of the oven, I am listening to The Black Keys while the sauce is simmering. The dog is looking at me waiting for his dinner… it just hit me. My dog and I are on the same food budget this week. Crap.

Today’s Groceries: 1 can peeled tomatoes $0.99, 1 box generic dry pasta $1.29, 1 lb dry beans $0.99, 1 lb ground turkey $3.69, 1 lb of rice $2.59, 1 jar peanut butter $3.25.

WE HAVE LEFT $6.25 FOR FOOD THIS WEEK. I think I have all ingredients to make meatballs tomorrow. On Friday if everything goes well I will be able to buy some fresh basil for my Pappa al Pomodoro.