Breast Milk, Powdered Milk, Foodblogging Addiction…and Twitter!!!

On a quiet Saturday afternoon, trying to convince the kids that any flying object in my direction (and the one of my laptop) will lead to some form of retaliation, trying to post a few lines about this week and the world of food.
Very worried about what is happening in China with the tainted milk situation, even Starbucksstarted pulling milk off their shelves.
In Switzerland however they seem to be having the opposite problem; maybe bored wit the regular cow’s juice, a restaurant owner thought that cooking with breast milk could actually be a valid alternative…and then what, breast milk chocolate bars?
And why do you think that the newly posted mini-enciclopedia Kids’ Health Guide posted on the New York Times opens with the line: 6 Food Mistakes Parents Make? Such a lack of confidence right?

On a different note…we started Twittering, and immediately hooked up with a few friends…First impression, very addictive and fun for the moment. We added a feed for it in our sidebar, it will display our status and the conversation with friends that have their profile set to public. Regarding addictions, a twit-buddy forwarded this article in the morning: food blogging as the new eating disorder…ahahah! Even if the article is trying to state an interesting point, it can be interpreted a bit out of line from some of our fellow foodies. Yes, our daily or weekly blogging might have become part of our regular life, but calling it a disorder…maybe more some sort of “compulsion”?! A very good one!
Today I realized I have another addiction, and that I have an eating disorder. Oh well…Absolutely cool with that!
Have a great week end.