Extra Virgin: Season 4 Premiere and Cook Book

It all started almost a decade ago, with a short manuscript: The Tuscan Cookbook for the Pregnant Male. It was an attempt on my part to start collecting family recipes and stories for my unborn first child. When Deborah got pregnant with Evelina I did realize very soon how different it was going for us

Book Review: Cucina Povera

The food of Italy is famous for being fresh, flavorful, frugal, and delicious. But the country’s history tells a story of deprivation and hardship that its cooks overcame to create wonderful recipes. Italian cooks do not waste food. They use up every bit of the pig, a loaf of bread, and the leaves, flowers, and

The Lexicon of Sustainability

When Debi and I were about to start shooting Extra Virgin this past summer, our dear friend and executive producer Janelle gifted us with a book; “I took a bike ride to a county fair, and when I saw this I thought of you guys” she said as she dropped it in my hands. My

Gabriele Vs Martha

I am pissed! I wish I could write this post in Italian, my native language…Oh it would come out so much more colorful! By now you should know, I am “some sort” of a quiet guy, I do not like to lash out at people, I never ever dished anybody on these pages (well, not completely