Meatopia Here We Come!

Me and family arrived in NYC a few weeks ago… this place is hot and sticky: VERY SEXY! We are already having a fantastic time, walking all the time and bumping into friends at every corner, it is such a different experience than Los Angeles. We all agree that this is exactly what we needed.

Brooklyn Bites

Brooklyn. Land of the free and home of the hipsters.  Brooklyn was the perfect place to go for some Extra Virgin inspiration since it’s chockfull of quirky, organic farmers’ markets and restaurant Italian that tastes like it came from Mama Maria’s toasty kitchen.

A First Taste of LA at The Taste LA

I once had a dream, a marvelous dream that anyone who lives and eats in LA would appreciate. It starts out with me strolling down the city’s busy streets, moseying along and taking in all the unique sights, sounds and smells that only LA can produce when suddenly I am stopped dead in my tracks,

Livorno, A Tuscan Melting Pot

At the hint of summer’s arrival, when the days grow longer but unbearably hotter, city-dwelling Tuscans flee to cooler places. Usually, the plan is an easy, breezy escape to the sea where working on a tan and eating copious amounts of fresh seafood are involved. One of the favourite areas is the Etruscan coast, a