Cooking in the Depression Era

I thought of writing a big speech for this post. I ended up spending a few minutes staring at the computer instead.
Let me introduce you to this video: her name is Clara and she is 91 years old. Her show on Youtube is called Depression Cooking, and it is a fun and touching experience.
This morning, after waking up with our first coffee, Debi and I talked about how hard it has become to grocery shop “Italian Style”…being too particular is a luxury these days. Depression Cooking is extremely relatable in these times of hardship, there is no need to digress on how bad the situation is all across the World.
Let’s cook instead.

Debi and I have been saving old stale bread for a few days now, and will be taping early next week a long overdue recipe: Ribollita. In the meantime, if you happen to have some old stale bread yourself, warm up your chops with another Tuscan Farmer’s Classic, Pappa al Pomodoro.
Enjoy and Share!!!