Dancing our way out of Hollywood!

The word is finally out!
Early in the am on Monday, ABC’s Good Morning America announced the list of the competitors for the 9th season of Dancing With The Stars and yes, Debi is set to hit the dance-floor on September 21st 2009.
Debi’s partner is Maks, and they promptly started training some Salsa steps: I see a lot of healthy lunch boxes and foot massages in my immediate future (the new dancing shoes need to be broken in)! The girls in the house are very excited, so much is happening lately, between the move to Italy, the house for sale, and mommy that will be dancing on TV… All this we are sure, will make for great memories!
If you have been following the Tuscan Gun, you should know by now what is the plan: move toFiesole, in the heart of Tuscany, just a few miles north of Florence, recoup the family Olive Grove and the Old Vineyard, renovate our 600 years old farm, open a Slow-Food Hotel and Restaurant with a Tuscan Cooking School…GO GREEN! And from there, we’ll keep on sending your way the best of Tuscany that we can produce, or just find around; starting with our Olive Oil Beauty Line… The actual Extra-Virgin Olive Oil will follow right after.
Finally my last year’s “Earth Day” proposition is becoming a reality.
It is indeed a truly exciting moment in our life, but a lot has to be done; from raising farming capital from the EU to dealing with local Italian bureaucracy, the kids will be entering the Italian Public School System (already enrolled), Debi will have to get it together with her Italian and learn how to drive stick-shift, unless she wants to get stuck with the boars in the garden… or with the in-laws.
All this, will be served to you, along with loads of great Tuscan Country Food, on Under The Tuscan Gun: think “Green Acres” meets “I Love Lucy”! It will be a blast, and we cannot wait to start shooting. In the meantime, here is a short Teaser of what’s in store for this upcoming winter, straight from the hills of Fiesole.