Debi finds the perfect “Avatar”.

It is the end of Debi’s second week of training with Maks, and it’s a whirlwind!
Many hours have been already spent on the studio’s dance floor and new steps have been learned every day… well, almost. Debi is excited but very tired, not yet ready for a full body cast, but sore enough to keep my hands busy massaging her every night. Yesterday the first official song was handed out to the stars, and everybody finally started working on their choreography for the Premiere ShowMy woman came back home a wreck, her makeup had been finally invaded by tears, in the car after leaving the studio, and her pink-all-day-training cheeks were lined with black mascara.

Dinner was on the stove ready to be served, a glass of cheap french bordeaux (which I recently discovered and love) was waiting on the table for my dancer to cool off with… Kitchen was messy, girls had been playing while I was cooking, and the dining table was covered in books and dolls and bracelets and plastics and crayons and the mail of the day and more dolls.
– Wife, head down, half broken (my wife does not break!!!), flipping through the mail…
– Husband, secretly asking the bordeaux to pull out a miracle… For the first time since the beginning of rehearsal the wife needs help.
BUT then, a smile…
Before I could start thanking the cheap bordeaux, Debi’s face turned at me, head straight, strong again, she handed me the mail. A Mattel catalogue open on this page…

Lucy had just brought Debi back to herself in a matter of moments. Back to normality… and we filled a second glass.

My wife has now found her avatar, and it has given her strength and confidence. The page from the catalogue is now hanging on the kitchen wall, to make us laugh, to make Debi feel that she’s not alone in her fear of falling into the orchestra!
I did not know Ricky and Lucy before coming to the States, but I remember Debi telling me about them since our very first dates in Florence eight years ago… She would be flipping through my CD collection in my small apartment, while I was fixing my congas before some gig with my cuban band. She would look at me and tell me: “You are my Ricky!”. I would look at her, but did not know what to respond…
Now I know. I can look back at her and say: “And you are my Lucy!”
On another note, our final episode from Fiesole is finally online: Wild Plum Jam.
Get ready for winter, stock up your favorite jam , and use the occasion to make a feast out of an afternoon you’ll have to spend in the kitchen. Join us for a new episode, as Debi receives the “baton” from my mom, and the tradition stays alive.