Extra Virgin: Season 4 Premiere and Cook Book

It all started almost a decade ago, with a short manuscript: The Tuscan Cookbook for the Pregnant Male. It was an attempt on my part to start collecting family recipes and stories for my unborn first child. When Deborah got pregnant with Evelina I did realize very soon how different it was going for us as a family to raise children; we did not have any family in LA, no farmland for my kid to explore freely, no Tuscanity to absorb or “take for granted”, the way it was for me growing up. I felt the necessity of preserving and passing along to my kid everything I knew, all I could remember from growing up, all the smells, flavors and colors of the land I left behind; it was all of a sudden just a matter of finding the right medium to do so.

I chose food! Cooking for me has always been something I did out of necessity and routine, without really putting too much thought into it, you know… I just followed my gut. I cooked for family and friends all my life simply as an act of love, it has always been for me a way to express “how much I care”.

So when Debi told me she was pregnant it dawned on me that in fact I did have the necessary tools and life experience to start writing down a story for my kids… something they could not only enjoy reading one day, but eventually pass on to their children so the “story” of our American life would always somehow bring back memories of a land far away, across the Ocean. A land where Debi and I fell in love madly, decided to build a family and spend the rest of our lives together.

Many of you have followed our path, a few of you have been part of our journey since the very beginning. We tried to shop my manuscript about 10 years ago but we could not find a way to get it published. Eventually we decided to adapt our content and transform our story into a web series, and Under The Tuscan Gun was born. For the ones that never heard a proper explanation about the title of our blog, The Gun is not me… it’s my mother. On the day that I told my family my intention of moving to Los Angeles, my mom stared at Debi, raised her right hand “thumb up and straight index” and pointed her finger-gun at my soon to be wife: “You take care of my son, you feed him right and treat him well!”. I have inherited The Tuscan Gun Twitter and Instagram handle, but the truth is, My Mom Is The Tuscan Gun! Also truth is that Debi has done an excellent job taking care of me so far, and my mom is very pleased about it!

Debi and I have been married now for 12 years, we have two beautiful daughters, and our web project has grown well beyond any expectation or hope we had for it at the time we started. Cooking Channel is about to premiere on April 2nd our fourth season, our previous episodes are currently airing across the world from Ireland to Saudi Arabia, from Russia to South Africa, and what used to be a 70 pages manuscript has now become a 250 pages and 120 recipes real cookbook, published (May 6th, 2014) by Clarkson Potter, one of the World’s top publishers. We are humbled, happy, proud, excited and somewhat stunned by what we were able to build on a simple act of love. As we have always interpreted this work as a natural part of our life (we cook simply because we need to eat), we hope to have entered people’s home in the very same way we like to receive family, friends and guests around our kitchen table; with familiarity, love and care.

As our journey continues, so many are the things we would like to achieve (and cook), none of which would have ever been possible without the continuous support of our friends, families and fans from around the world. For that, THANK YOU from the bottom of our pan!!!

Please keep following our adventures, keep writing us and please make yourself at ease… this is a journey we are taking together. And one day soon, I will finally translate my culinary experience in a way that you can actually taste in first person, here in Brooklyn. The fun has just begun!