Growing Italian Seeds to Cook Italian Food

One day while watching Gabriele and Debi on ExtraVirgin I got inspired to grow some of the herbs and vegetables featured in their Italian recipes. So, I headed down to the garden center in search of seeds so I could grow my own ingredients in the garden this summer.  I was presented with the usual array of seeds from some of my favorite seed companies. A couple of which even had a selection highlighting their use in Italian cuisine.  After selecting a few seed packets I was walking to the cash register to make my seed purchase and I decided to leave the seeds behind.

Was I giving up on the idea of growing some of my own ingredients so I could follow the ExtraVirgin recipes? No. But something just didn’t feel right about buying these seeds from American seed companies. I was going for authentic, and this didn’t seem like it. Then I remembered Franchi Sementi.  It is Italy’s oldest family-owned seed company. Being short the cost of a flight to Italy to buy the seeds myself, I thought that perhaps I’d have to give up the dream, yet again, because they don’t have a U.S. operation. After telling a friend that I wanted to grow seeds from an Italian seed-seller for this adventure into Italian cuisine she reminded me that Franchi Sementi’s U.S. distributor is Seeds from Italty.

If, like me, you’re trying to grow some of the ingredients you use to cook, check out these seeds. I love the big, bold seed packages they use and the selection is pretty nice. You can grow some of the herbs, vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses and even flowers you use in your cooking.