Introducing, PEACE AND PASTA!

It’s funny what can inspire an idea. Sometimes it’s pure chance. A conversation. A picture. A sequence of unrelated events. Each potentially random, and each perfectly capable of coming together, making sense and planting the seed for something good to grow. Other times, it can be out of necessity. Sometimes, it’s a combination of both. When it comes to the reason behind the Peace and Pasta Apparel Line, I would say it is an equal amount of luck, dedication and your help. Many designs are in fact the direct result of social media interaction; I went straight into twitter and bluntly asked for help. And help came.

Peace and Pasta was originally the sign off between a contributor to Under the Tuscan Gun and myself. Every time we said goodbye in an email or Facebook message, we warmly signed off with “ Ciao, Peace And Pasta!” The saying always resonated with me. It came to mean more than just a salutation. Eventually I started signing most of my messages to friends and family always the same way.

It became the way I would describe my life and my desire for positiveness and hope, essentially my version of “Peace and Love”; something that I live religiously by sitting around a table sharing good food and wine with family and friends.

During summer 2010 I started filming my first season of Extra Virgin. When filming began, the “rules of television” didn’t allow me to wear any t-shirts with graphics, labels or branded logos, which meant I couldn’t wear 95% of the clothes in my closet. No bikers T-shirts for me, I was kind of destroyed. Given the situation I decided that if I couldn’t wear someone’ else’s tees, the only possible solution would obviously be to design my own. If that was going to be the solution though, I had to be clever (or at least try) and use the opportunity to convey a message to all my perspective future viewers.

I wanted my T-shirts to mean something, but without being intrusive. I wanted them to talk “gently but clear”, I wanted your neighbor to look at you wearing it, and (possibly) understand! At the same time I realized that the whole operation was also going to be the very first first step toward the branding of my very own self.

Peace And Pasta was conceived with passion and intent, and it is now alive and well. Just like a quality recipe you would expect from Under the Tuscan Gun, these T-shirts are prepared with the freshest ingredients, they are locally sourced and cooked to perfection. Each one is seasoned with the right amount of spice!

The line officially launched two weeks ago, I’m glad to announce we are in full swing, filling orders by the dozen, working out the kinks and constantly looking for new design ideas, ways to improve and ways to expand.

As you browse the Peace and Pasta site, you will notice that there is a story behind each design, each one has a very personal meaning to me. I have primarily designed these tees with the intent of being able to give back and share something with all of you, my friends, viewers and followers. Please let me know which tee is your favorite, what ideas you you might have, how you are enjoying our service and which designs you want to see in production; just click the “like” button on the page of the T-shirt you like the best. The ones that get the most likes will be the next I put in production.

I have been lucky. I have a wonderful family and now a fantastic job. I always have food on the table. Some people don’t!

You all know how important my girls are to me, we cook together almost every day (homework permitting), we sit down each and every evening to feed our body and souls, to grow together as a family. The idea of any child not having food to eat touches a cord very close to my heart. If it touches yours too, know that together we are going to help feeding a child in need with each T-shirt that is sold.

Peace And Pasta is currently evaluating a few possible charities of choice, and I sincerely hope that before the next Holiday season I would be able to let you how much your business means not only to me personally but also to children in need.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity, now let’s grow it together and see how far we get.

Peace and Pasta!