March in the life of The Tuscan Gun

It has been way too long since the last post.
Not that I do not try to compose my thoughts and share them on these pages… I believe it has something to do with Twitter!!! After about a year spent sending out 140 characters micro-posts into the web-o-sphere, I am realizing that some balance is required in order to create content that is actually readable and “digestible”… something that stays, as opposed to short messages in a bottle that are randomly picked up over the wire: too often it happens to me to sit down in the evening and compose my thoughts, then I suddenly realize that I already twitted about everything I wanted to say during the day.

Unfortunately, because of its nature, everything that ends up on Twitter has a very short life span: every thoughts in there has an expiration date… and content comes at you so fast that sometimes it’s safer to duck down and not get hit, at least that’s the way I feel most of the time.
So, let me enjoy today a much more prosaic approach, and let’s keep this blog alive and healthy!
These past three weeks have been very intense for the Famiglia, but in a way or another we are finally getting to Spring, and all around we feel strong and positive!
Debi and I attended a few Oscars celebrations, we had a chance to see friends we have been missing all year around, and the wife got to see me wear something other than my jeans and t-shirt… at the end, for us it was more a date night than anything else. Then, the following week we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and right after that Giulia turned 4. On top of this, throughout this past months we have become very close to move out of our LA home and start the process of re-entry in the Old Country: it will take some time, most likely about a year or so, but we are plunging ahead full steam.
As I write Debi is shooting a new TV show with the Jonas Brothers, which incredibly jacked up her cool factor with our kids… as a result of this new acting adventure, our food show is getting a lot of traction in the tween-world, and just yesterday I received an email from a 17 yrs old girl that would like to learn how to cook spaghetti the Italian way! This makes me happy and proud!
Today I wanted to touch base quickly with all of you that have been coming to the site and wrote us to ask how come we did not release a new episode since our Carnival “Cenci e Frittelle” fried sweets video… just life! We’ve been busy! Also, I enjoy much more shooting The Tuscan Gun with my wife rather than by myself, as I need people to feed when I cook, otherwise I see no purpose or inspiration.
So be prepared!!! Since shooting with Debi has not been easy because of her schedule, I decided to look around and see what else about food I could deliver to all of our fans… As of last week I embarked in a new incredible food adventure that will definitely tickle your palate: shooting will start here in Los Angeles in a week or so, and I am exercising a great deal of self-control not to let the cat out of the bag!
This is it for now,
I am baking some cupcakes to bring to Giulia’s school in a couple of hours: I pretended I did not hear her request for Whipped Cream, but I am seriously considering bringing a bottle of Champagne… yes, she requested that one too!
Until next time,
be well, eat well!