Moving? Don’t know where your wine opener is? I’ve got you covered.

I recently relocated. Beyond what fit in my truck around the carrier for one oversized, excessively furry cat, all of my posessions spent a few weeks under the guardianship of Wheaton van lines. Stumbling into the Trader Joe’s in my new city, desperate for a brief respite from my environs–which looked like Hoarders after the movers left–I zombie-shuffled my way to the wine aisle. And then realized I had no idea where my wine opener was. Now what was I going to drink?

I know enthusiasts maintain that screw-tops keep the wine fresher, but I am a snob about cork. Imagine my relief when I discovered that one of my go-to, perennially drinkable restaurant favorites is a screw top! Hooray!

Marlborough CoastKim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. This wine typifies the Marlborough style of New Zealand Sauv Blancs. The grapes are selected by flavor profile each year from all over the region to create a wine that intensely embodies the hallmark characteristics of the varietal. The nose is cut grass and grapefruit, the mouth Kaffir lime and flint. Whether a lunch meeting al fresco, or a causal dinner out, or a desperate escape from the drudgery of unpacking, this wine’s strong personality can always be counted on to bring some zest.

Marlborough VineyardKim Crawford Wines was founded in an Auckland cottage in 1996 by husband and wife team Kim & Erica. They see winemakers as the guardians of the transfer of flavor from the vine to the bottle. This philosophy consistently wins them top marks from Wine Spectator; the 2012 vintage scored a 91.

But their ideals go beyond uncluttered winemaking. They aim to have all their growers and vineyards operating under Sustainable Winegrowing NZ, whose principles support nurturing ecologically balanced vines through focus on the fauna and micro flora of the soil.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon BlancYou can drink this bottle immediately with microwave chicken taquitos, or wait until you’ve unpacked enough of your kitchen to make Cozze Alla Tarantina. Don’t worry, this wine will continue to evolve for 3-4 years so you’ve got some time.