Summer in Fiesole

It is almost the end of July, and our summer vacation is already over…which hurts!
As a family we travelled to Italy, visited our relatives in Fiesole and started taking the first steps for our “Big Move”.
We finished renovating the roof and the facade of “The Pink House“, not without some hard core contractors’ Italian style drama, we enrolled the kids in the local Public School, we finally finished producing our first batch of samples for Debi’s Olive Oil Organic Cosmetic Line and shipped them to the US and, last but not least, we dove into local bureaucracy and started applying for EU financing to be used to expand our Olive Grove and recoup the old vineyard. It was not a real vacation indeed, but a brutal tour de force to get things in order and lined up for our arrival… We still have to figure out the hot water situation in the house though, got to hurry up with that, or the girls will make my winter a living hell.

In this new episode we are introducing a different “format”; as much as we like to entertain you in our kitchen, we considered a couple of things. First of all, if you have been following this blog, or more in general you already know how to cook your pasta, you really do not need to see much prepping this time. Second, our Tuscan land has so much to offer that we really felt we had to share some of it with you, which is most likely the spirit the show will have when we’ll shoot new episodes this coming winter from our house in the fields.
Therefore today we are taking you for a quick visit to the Roman Amphitheater in Fiesole, a site dated 100 D.C that is a real eye candy and a history lesson altogether: cannot wait to dump the kids in school in the morning and go read a book on its steps soon…
After our cultural moment we will join our friends Matteo and Rosanna for a quick dish of linguine with Langostini, and we will conclude with Deb’s very first attempt to read and sing Dante’s Inferno; yes we know that almost two minutes of it might bee a bit too much for some of you, but as much as I wanted to feature Debi at her best, I could not take liberty of chopping Dante’s verses. This said, we had a blast while doing it, the food was as always incredible, we feel very privileged every time we sit at the table with our dear friends.
We have a few more episodes we shot for Under The Tuscan Gun when in Fiesole…stay tuned, as next week we will cook pizzas in our 14th century old bread oven!
Gabriele and Debi