extra virgin

Extra Virgin Season 5 – “Deb’s Fashion Show”

I have been a friend and admirer of Zac Posen since his debut in the fashion world. He is a true New Yorker, super smart, uber chic, and crazy talented. It’s not just his gowns that I swoon over, it’s his cooking!!! We follow each other on Instagram, and he posts his culinary creations constantly.

What is ”Extra Virgin?”

When I was younger, I was convinced that I wanted to live to be 100 years old. Just a few years back, I remember flipping through the channels on TV when a sound bite caught my attention: a woman half a world away proclaimed to be the oldest person ever, at 120 years old. The

Babbo, What does “Virgin” mean?

I am kind of bummed. I wake up every morning eager to write a new blog post, there is so much going on in our family life at the moment, and I so would love to be able to share it all, Extra Virgin style. Problem is that I always run out of time, as

EXTRA VIRGIN, the countdown has started!

The moment has finally arrived, Extra Virgin will premiere on the Cooking Channel on January 19th 2011 at 10 p.m. EST.This is an incredibly exciting moment for me Debi and the Girls, as a project that we started out about 4 years ago on these very web pages is finally getting promoted to bigger audiences.

The Tuscan Gun is EXTRA VIRGIN!

It has been a point of pride in the past few years for Debi and I to keep you all updated and involved, to produce constantly new podcast episodes, and have you spend as much time as possible in our kitchen… talking Tuscan food and family recipes. Something has happened though (as some of you