After 3 sold out rounds of dinners in Brooklyn this past fall I am coming back to the city where it all begun a decade ago. I am honored to be hosting a five dinners event next March at Mauro’s Café in Fred Segal Hollywood, which is the first spot Debi and I had a date when

A First Taste of LA at The Taste LA

I once had a dream, a marvelous dream that anyone who lives and eats in LA would appreciate. It starts out with me strolling down the city’s busy streets, moseying along and taking in all the unique sights, sounds and smells that only LA can produce when suddenly I am stopped dead in my tracks,

Debi finds the perfect “Avatar”.

It is the end of Debi’s second week of training with Maks, and it’s a whirlwind! Many hours have been already spent on the studio’s dance floor and new steps have been learned every day… well, almost. Debi is excited but very tired, not yet ready for a full body cast, but sore enough to

March in the life of The Tuscan Gun

It has been way too long since the last post. Not that I do not try to compose my thoughts and share them on these pages… I believe it has something to do with Twitter!!! After about a year spent sending out 140 characters micro-posts into the web-o-sphere, I am realizing that some balance is required