Below The Line – Day 5 But what if today…

Our family Below The Line experience has come to an end. We survived for 5 days with a $37.50 budget for food, for 5 people. But I almost feel it does not count; it is easy to “sacrifice” a week of your lifestyle if you can see the finish line approaching from day one. Yes

Below The Line – Day 4 An Apple A Day

Breakfast-coffee for Gabriele and I, a slice of homemade fresh bread, with butter for all. For the kids-a glass of diluted milk (to stretch it) .Packed the kids off to school with their Mortadella sandwiches. We have chosen mortadella, since we like it ,and its cheap. I gave each child my extra slice, so that

Below The Line – Day 3 Feeling the effects

I will be short. I am tired. I am hungry. It’s dull. Very different from all the other times in life I usually say “I am hungry”. This is like an anesthesia that is progressively conquering me. Monday was the euphoria of the beginning. Tuesday was the “look, we are not doing so bad” day.

Below The Line – Day 2 It is already a waiting game!

We are all hungry here. Waiting patiently for our only real meal of the day. Evelina skipped lunch at school (she did not like their pizza) so she had a slice of bread and mortadella… the mortadella is already finished! Giulia, my youngest is zoning out in front of the TV, she asked for a