Extra Virgin Season 5 – “James Beard Supper”

I am often asked what inspires me when I use food to entertain, when I develop recipes for my jobs, or whenever I cook for my girls at home. It is not an easy answer. I did not attend culinary school, I did not slave for a decade on a famous chef’s line, and in

Upcoming Events: Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival 2012

The 2nd annual Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival event returns this week and  offers an exciting opportunity to catch up with some of the country’s most famous chefs over three days of scheduled seminars, restaurant collaborations, demos, and tasting events, with different hooks like a tribute to Daniel Boulud, Roy Choi organizing a taco


I always wonder how Italians can eat very large twelve course meals and still manage to return to work the next day, or even, in many cases, an hour later. The answer, I found, lies in one potent pleasure: the digestivo. Italians certainly enjoy the ever-famous aperitivi before dinner. Campari, the bittersweet red beverage, goes well