Extra Virgin Season 5 – “James Beard Supper”

I am often asked what inspires me when I use food to entertain, when I develop recipes for my jobs, or whenever I cook for my girls at home. It is not an easy answer. I did not attend culinary school, I did not slave for a decade on a famous chef’s line, and in

March in the life of The Tuscan Gun

It has been way too long since the last post. Not that I do not try to compose my thoughts and share them on these pages… I believe it has something to do with Twitter!!! After about a year spent sending out 140 characters micro-posts into the web-o-sphere, I am realizing that some balance is required

The Hungry In America Project

Our Fund Raiser for Haiti has ended, Debi and I would like to thank anyone of you who placed a bid on our Gourmet Tuscan Baskets, and congratulate with the winners! A special mention goes to Susan from Saint Louis: not only she placed the highest bid, winning the Artusi cookbook and a set of our

Back in our home… far away from Home!

Los Angeles, January 13th 2010 Me, Deb and the Girls are speechless. This trip to Florence has been the hardest so far, in what is now almost a decade of back and forth; everything worked out fine at the end, but if you follow us on Twitter, I am sure you had a chance already