Wanna Trade Veggies?

ne of the most fascinating results of becoming a truly obsessed foodie, is the awareness that you will develop regarding the ingredients you decide to use. As you already probably experienced first hand, the moment you decide to spend more time in the kitchen or in general thinking about what you like to eat and

“L’Aquilia Earthquake Relief Fundraiser”

A month ago, when L’Aquila was almost obliterated by the biggest earthquake Italy has experienced in the past century, Debi and I reached out to our neighbors in Fiesole, the Ferragamo Family. We wanted to see if there was any way we could join forces and help, in the only way we could from here, by raising

Cooking in the Depression Era

I thought of writing a big speech for this post. I ended up spending a few minutes staring at the computer instead. Let me introduce you to this video: her name is Clara and she is 91 years old. Her show on Youtube is called Depression Cooking, and it is a fun and touching experience.

Earth Day, The Human Footprint…and Me.

It is today, the day that we hope and expect more people to care…just this one day, more than any other. We mark it on the calendar, Youtube has a custom logo, Madonna has another magazine cover, my kids have a project at school… What about tomorrow? What about Yesterday? What about each single day of our