Meatopia Here We Come!

Me and family arrived in NYC a few weeks ago… this place is hot and sticky: VERY SEXY! We are already having a fantastic time, walking all the time and bumping into friends at every corner, it is such a different experience than Los Angeles. We all agree that this is exactly what we needed.

Porchetta and “The Sandwich”

Porchetta in Italy is a true religion, and  the most represented street food in the whole Italian Peninsula. History wants this roast to be born in Ariccia, a little town just out of Rome… and if you ask me its Wikipedia page should have a whole paragraph dedicated to this traditional delicacy that has finally

Colonnata, City of Lardo

Some Italian delicacies don’t require much of a leap of faith. Newcomers to gelato, for instance, aren’t usually hesitant to taste their first spoonful – and pizza hardly needs an advocacy group. Lardo, on the other hand, isn’t always an easy sell. To be frank, it’s usually a texture thing. Italian lardo is cured pork