Tango and Limoncello!

It already has been a full two months of dancing, and I am so proud of my Wife!
I have to be honest, I always knew she had some groove within, even if the only times I ever saw her dancing in the past she was hustling with her gay friends… Now, it’s a whole different ball-game, as she has discovered pretty quickly after starting her training with Maks.
Days are melting for us in Lala, as Debi is always at the dance studio or on stage for her performances: we miss her a bit, but we could not be more proud and excited. Last week’s performance seemed to have woken up the wife and helped her get out of her own head, even if only temporarily…trust me, it will never happen completely, it is just her nature. However, she is now approaching her training with a much different attitude: she seem more relaxed, and she started enjoying the process without succumbing to the pressure.

Last night’s Tango helped her climb a bit into the ranks of the show, and gave her a nice confidence boost… She came home happy and encouraged by her performance, even if I could tell that deep inside she is already a bit worried about next week’s show: her dance will be Samba. We love Brazilian music in the house and we are constantly playing Sambas and Bossanovas: Debi told Maks how happy she was to start working on it, until he showed her the “Ballroom Version” of the dance, which does not have much in common with the moves adopted in its Carnival and more Popular forms.

However, the energy level is there, the neck injury is almost healed and does not hurt much anymore, and Debi seem to have finally realized that this show is all about letting it go and have fun! Speaking about fun, ABC would you mind letting the wife come home one night in her costume? I promise, I will be careful! I Want My Share of Fun!!!
On a different note, after a long wait, you can finally enjoy the Limoncello episode that we have been promising for about a month.

Check out Debi’s photo shoot for the NOH8 Campaign. Support equal rights for everyone!

This brewing experiment was a huge success, and our gallon of liquid gold is already basically finished: a few friends stopped by, and Debi and I have been really enjoying it after our dinners for the past couple of weeks. My aunt’s recipe is really a good one, and many friends are already praising it to be the best Limocello they ever had… and to be honest, not to brag, but I have to agree. Our limoncello came out well balanced, it is not too sweet and has a great texture: we will start brewing our Christmas presents this coming weekend. We also have a few episodes almost ready to go, so come back soon and check what’s cooking in the house.
Last but not least, many of you have been writing asking what happened to the new version of the site we have been tweeting, and why it is not online yet.
The past two weeks have been hectic, and we decided not to rush into things… Under The Tuscan Gun 2.0 will be available very soon, but for the moment we have been collecting comments and feedbacks on the beta version that is currently online.
Log in if you feel like taking a peak: if you do so, we’d love to hear what you think of it.