What The Food Industry is Feeding You, a story (via cracked.com)

Do you know what you eat? I mean, do you really know? Do you ever wonder how the words “organic” or “all natural” are interpreted by the companies you buy your food from?

I personally have always been very skeptical, if not resentful of the way that food packaging tries to deliver a message of “safety” to not-so-well-informed buyers. Truth is that the packaging of food is just the result of marketing research, focus groups and full set of white lies that are aiming at one target and on target only: sales. I do not think it is always done with malice, but I do think that for the most part the message printed on the label is much more important to food producers than the actual product.

The article I am linking to is a comedy piece without much factual substance. However it made me laugh and I am passing this along because sometimes in life you got to be light. No scientific informational stuff in here.

Do you eat Wood? Sure you don’t! Oh, wait… you actually do, and much more often than you think.

Do you ever wonder if those Blueberries pictured on the wrapper of your healthy/organic/low-calories granola bar are the ones you are actually going to eat in a few moments? Maybe you just bought those bars for your kids: “They have a long day at school tomorrow, I don’t want them to junk out at the cafeteria!”

We are smarter than that (at least I am). I do not expect to find fresh Blueberries in my energy bar: my blueberries will be dried in the sun, possibly on the patio of a small family hacienda, like the one on the wrapper, just under the photo of the berries. But as it turn out, I am wrong as well, and very naive it turns out! There is no such thing like dried blueberries in most of the energy bars out there: those “dangly and juicy bits of berry are completely artificial“.

This and much more in this comedic Food Commentary by blogger . I stumbled on it this morning and I actually had to print it out: Homework For My Nine Years Old Daughter! We will use it to have fun and spark a real healthy conversation.

Would you like to know how much “wood” have you eaten recently? Wanna know how “Fake Berries” were created and why, and again, how many times you might have eaten them? Last but not least, the  “Zombie Orange Juice” and the secret behind how, no matter what brand, (almost) all orange juices taste the same!

I only wish that Pauli also wrote a funny paragraph about “Meat Glue”, another real dirty trick available, in a grocery store near you!

I do agree with many of the comments that were left under Pauli’s post, he has a good way of dramatizing and building an interesting story. I Was Entertained! This said, if you really care profoundly to know how came the “Zombie Orange Juice” or how much “Cellulose” you can eat before getting constipated I would suggest you consult a scientific/medical website, and not one about humor. Have a good read.