The Lazy Husband? An efficient remedy!

Again at the groceries store,again I stopped by the book isle, and AGAIN….my jaw dropped!!

I do realize these are times when it seems we might need a book for anything… Are we not able to make decisions by ourselves anymore? Can we possibly manage our life in such a way to avoid Dr. Phil-like comments on how to improve our-failed-selves?


The incriminated book was peaking proudly from the shelf, and the Ph.D. title of its author could not have been omitted… As if it was a guarantee of a proper and well thought out perspective on the things of life and marriage. Well, not even a 25% discount on the cover price should be tempting for any of you. What I’m trying to say here is….if you really think you need a two hundred pages manual to help you straighten your hubby up, well, I’d say you got the wrong guy to begin with! Or, worse, you are incredibly under estimating yourself.

Rules to follow with a lazy husband are very simple and straight forward:

– he is facing you: a nice kick in the guts should do the trick.

– he is not facing you: brake a broomstick on his shoulders.

Get your life back into your own hands, let it out with a nice kick between the jewels, and then…calm down reading something a bit more inspired than a manual for overwhelmed grocery shoppers and frustrated housewives! In case you are more prone to a non-violent kind of negotiation, remember: any man would move mountains, if promised some oral sex!

Therefore, you might want to invest your money on a shiny red lipstick, instead of buying this book…just a thought…a very manly thought.

Yours Truly