The Tuscan Gun – Dinner Series in Brooklyn – Round #02

Damn I am tired! These past two weeks have been a real grinder, but oh we had so much fun. I want to thank fans and friends that visited us in the small space we rented for the first round of dinners. Some of you came for very far away, and truly left me speechless because of your love and excitement… in all honesty, I did not expect all this to explode the way it did. An opportunity to meet and dine together has transformed itself into some sort of pilgrimage to Brooklyn: who drove from Orlando (yes, Florida) to come celebrate their Wedding Anniversary, who flew from Atalanta (I know you had milage and flew for free, but still!) and who decided to favor the train while coming from upstate NY or Philadelphia, so they could enjoy all the food and the wine without worries! To all of you, THANK YOU!!! 

I am back to regular life for a couple of weeks, spending time with my daughters and wife, finally baking my bread every day again and clearly making my dog very happy. He is very used to have me around and got kind of offended during my absence.

Since emails keep coming in and our waiting list is now around 900 people, I have decided to organize another round of dinners, starting October 19th. Another 230 tickets will be issued on tomorrow at 2pm EDT time. Another 10 dinners for only 23 people at the time, a slightly different menu, but the same light spirit and absolute warm hospitality we were able to create during our previous round.

A few things will be different, starting from the ticket price. You guys drink too much! In order to keep having fun I will need to buy enough “nectar” to keep your beaks wet all night.

Also tickets purchase will run through Eventbrite and not through my personal email accounts. I won’t be able to reserve, hold, switch, cancel tickets in first person as I did last month. Sure it is exciting to see hundreds of emails flooding my computer, but it is also a huge amount of work and it opens the door to a few mistakes on my part… like the time I counted the wrong amount of guests and we ended up with 5 extra customers that basically ended up sitting on each others lap, or very close to it.

If things go well we might plan more dinners between November and December, but as of now we will take it as it comes. At the end of next round we will go through our calendars and decide in a very spontaneous way if to repeat the experience or not.

For October’s Menu, Tickets and a few more info come visit at