The Tuscan Gun is EXTRA VIRGIN!

It has been a point of pride in the past few years for Debi and I to keep you all updated and involved, to produce constantly new podcast episodes, and have you spend as much time as possible in our kitchen… talking Tuscan food and family recipes.
Something has happened though (as some of you might already know), that turned our life around and provided lately a lot of excitement in the “Casa”: The Tuscan Gun just got promoted to Television.
On Saturday January 8th 2011 Debi and I will be premiering our new showEXTRA VIRGIN on the Cooking Channel!!!It has been a very long summer, with very few days off.The whole family has been shooting no stop from mid July until now, not really the summer vacation we needed, but in absolute one of the best experiences of our life! Debi, the Girls (including Dolores the poodle) and I have been whipping out tons of fantastic traditional Tuscan recipes, and all will be served to you dressed with a lot of comedy, lifestyle and some fashion… get ready for a real SuperTuscan winter season!

It all seems so distant already: the long hours of shooting, our house invaded by the crew, the four/five hours of night sleep, the kids off school running in front of the cameras, and soooo much food… all day long.
Debi and I just got back from New York City, where we attended our first Food and Wine Festival and started promoting our new show; we spent four days in the city, grabbing bites of wonderful foods at almost every moment, hanging with our new colleagues and meeting a wonderful crowd of very hungry foodies.

I wish I could write you all about it, but for the moment I have to control myself in order to save the surprise;
I promise though that as soon as the show will start airing I will be writing as much as I can on these pages, along with my new contributors! Oh yes, The Tuscan Gun is getting ready for a full makeover!
In coincidence of the show premiere next year, the website will start providing much more content, almost on a daily basis: articles, recipes, new video episodes from Us and other food enthusiasts, and much much more…

The girls and I are looking forward to see what the future holds for us… we now have to figure out where we will be moving to next year, now that our home is sold! Will we stay in sparkly Los Angeles or move to tough New York? Our hearts are already in Brooklyn actually, but there are so many things that have to be decided first, so much can happen in the next few months… so in our true spirit we will just live every moment of it to its fullest and see where all this will bring us.

Last but not least.
I would like to use this short post to immensely thank everyone in my crew, the first TV crew I ever had in my life!
You all made this experience unforgettable, you worked hard and taught me a lot, and for this I will always be grateful!
I sincerely hope this to be just the beginning because I already miss you all very much and I am so looking forward to do this all over again!