Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and I Got Pine Mouth!!!

How many “first days of your life” did you have so far?
It happened several times during the almost four decades of my life, that I felt I entered a brand new chapter of my existence… everything seemed possible, everything needed once again to be re-written. I am a very impulsive and very romantic fellow, therefore I have been accumulating a few of “First Days Of My Life”: the first cake I ever baked, my first motorcycle, the day I left The Army and Medical School to follow my passion for Cuban and Brazilian music… These are the moments I collected before I met Debi!

The day I actually met Deborah, ten years ago in Florence, we fell for each other while having a three hour conversation… “You are so cool, we should have kids together!” were the exact words that came out of my mouth.
I stood paralyzed as I spoke from my heart, clearly without consulting the brain first. “Yes, you are right, we should!” was her answer. We tried to kiss goodnight but we messed up the whole Italian cheek thing ( left? right? ) and we found ourselves smashing lips, eyes wide open… Kind of WTF! Is this really happening?
And let me tell you, that was a real moment, one of those you cannot wait to tell in every detail to your grandkids one day…
I arrived in the States a couple of week before September 11, and as soon as Debi and I could, we flew to her home town, New York City.
We spent two days in Battery Park, preparing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the people involved in the rescue operations, mostly firemen and cops. Debi and I could really not talk much, our new love was not big enough to outshine the pain all around us… The smell, the kind of smell most people don’t know, the smell of war: it will never leave you after you get to actually “taste it”! And the ashes, falling on Debi’s hair… grey and white ashes, so dense and fine, you could see people breathing them in the moment they took off their hospital masks.
Right before we left New York, a police car drove us through Ground Zero. I think in that moment I thought marriage deserved a thought; I could not imagine not being with Deborah for the rest of my life. That December I traveled to Italy, closed my apartment and shipped all my drums to Los Angeles… I got a ring together, reinventing something from one of my grand mother’s jewels. By the time I proposed to Debi, on new year’s eve, she was almost three months pregnant.
Evelina was born on July 12th 2002: nine moths and a day from September 11.
It is now ten years later, my second daughter Giulia is my sous chef, Debi cooks Tuscan very well, and Today We Sold Our House!!!
Yes, today is one of those moments that will always be remembered; the house where we married, where we brought our children from the hospital and where they learned to walk and cook, it is sold… the sign on the street is going down.

Tuscany has been calling us for a while, will that happen? Possible…. Our wings are spread now, everything and everywhere is good, as long as we are together. We shall see.
For the moment I just wanted to share with all of you the long awaited event. And with this explain and apologize for not having posted much in the past few weeks… Debi has been shooting Entourage and the new Jonas Brothers TV series, we had three or four house showings a week, and as much as I am always compelled to share my food experience with you, I needed my muse around for the next recipes I have ready… So, I shifted my energies toward a complete different project, a short web series that will premiere very soon. Not yet ready to share much about it, but you can click here for a sneak peak
A few more episodes of Under The Tuscan Gun will go online this Summer, after that, we might be in a new kitchen.

Today I am celebrating my life and my family, as we embark in a brand new journey, and I have Pine Mouth!
For the third time in less than two years I suffered a bitter mouth that would not allow me to enjoy eating or drinking anything, let alone try new recipes or ingredients. It seems that the pine nuts responsible are the ones coming from China, Korea, Russia and Vietnam, so next time you decide to make my pesto recipe, make sure that you shop for European nuts. Apparently this strange syndrome is getting more frequent and affects more people every year; here Evan Kleiman of Good Food interviews a guest about it.

Tonight left overs!