Wanna Trade Veggies?

ne of the most fascinating results of becoming a truly obsessed foodie, is the awareness that you will develop regarding the ingredients you decide to use. As you already probably experienced first hand, the moment you decide to spend more time in the kitchen or in general thinking about what you like to eat and cook for yourself, is also the moment you start developing your knowledge about ingredients. You will take interest in farmers market, you will stop buying bulk, you will freeze more of your cooked food and stop ice-burning your meats and fish in the deep bottom draw of your fridge… eventually one day, you’ll decide to start growing a few vegetables on your own.
What will happen after that? Well, it simply depends on what you will plant… If by any chance you plant more than two plants of tomatoes, one day in mid-July, you will find yourself with five full cases of ripe tomatoes. Eat them or cook them within a week from harvest, otherwise, all your effort will be for nothing. So, what happens the day you realize that you maybe should have planted some salad as well, or some peas? Your terrace is not big enough, you did what you could…and still, you have to take a trip to the store to grab some ingredients to complete your vegetable dish. Or you can open your laptop and log into Veggie Trader an online marketplace that works like a mash-up of eBay, Craigslist and your local farmers’ market. The concept is easy, grow what you like or what you can, then swap your surplus with other small scale growers like you, genius!!!

Also, we would like to introduce you to a new cooking website that we have been visiting very often lately: Dish and Dine!

A very talented and experienced production team have been working on the creation and fine tuning of this site for the past year…after producing many hours of television (their credits includeRachel Ray and Food 911 for the Food Network) they decided to develop their own little “Piazza” for foodies. The website hosts a great variety of videos, well edited and easy to follow, and so far has been providing great inspiration to our household, we’re sure you’ll enjoy!
Last but not least, to all of you writing us to request a new episode, sorry, the Earthquake Relief Event kept us very busy until the end, we’ll try to get the camera rolling and the pan sizzling before this week is over…we’re also taking a quick trip to Italy, so be prepared for a couple of special recipes from Florence during the month of August.
Debi and Gabriele