What about the Italian Breakfast?

This morning I did receive an interesting email,

I assume this couple is currently vacationing in Italy:

Subject: breakfast???

Message: I need some tuscan lovin breakfast.  my husband and I have been eating pasta for like 2 weeks now!!!!  don’t people in Italy eat breakfast food??!!!  I want to see some:)  and eat some, and cook some too:) thanks, you guys are AMAZING!!!  and I love when you two bicker!!!

First of all, thanks for the compliments, always appreciated.

Second… AHAHAHAHAH, you are very funny!!!!!

Here is the thing,

From birth to 13 years old your breakfast is milk…from 4/5 you can have Nesquick in it. When you turn 14 years old, since you start high-school…well, you are allowed to start with coffee…. Eventually in high school you will start smoking.

From 14-16 years old on, the Italian breakfast is coffee and cigarette!

On your way to school/work… because you need the excuse for another cigarette, and because the first coffee is starting to ulcerate your stomach, you stop at a bar, to revive yourself with a “cornetto”, or any other piece of pastry… Then you top it with your second coffee(might be the third, depends how many you drink when you wake up), and another cigarette.

11.30 am 12.00 pm! This is a very personal choice… You can go for more pastries and more coffees or, you can have your first drink of the day , in the form of a glass of prosecco wine and a little sandwich. In any case, there will be the after cigarette.

The only times I had a semi-real breakfast was when in vacation… mostly in winter, when I used to go ski… then yes, eggs, toast, jam…nothing special though…

Otherwise, sorry…