Babbo, What does “Virgin” mean?

I am kind of bummed.

I wake up every morning eager to write a new blog post, there is so much going on in our family life at the moment, and I so would love to be able to share it all, Extra Virgin style. Problem is that I always run out of time, as work and household duties always take priority over whatever else we have going on in our lives. We are happy over here, happy and overwhelmed! We just started writing brand new episodes for the second season of Extra Virgin (on Cooking Channel this coming fall) and this much I can tell you: it’s going to be quite a ride! I have been testing new and old recipes for the past few months, I finally mastered traditional Tuscan Bread, I started making fresh pasta and I have been baking and perfecting a bunch of fantastic cakes that I cannot wait to share with you.

As you might remember, about a year ago we sold our house… well, the time has come for us to finally move out. By the end of June the girls and I will have to pack it all up and move. Yes, this means that Extra Virgin will have a new set here in Los Angeles, but rest assured we are doing everything in our power to squeeze in another quick trip to our farm in Fiesole and film a few episodes from our old farmer’s kitchen.

I would like to use this space to thank all the new contributors that helped me provide our followers with new, factual and compelling content in the past few months. I so appreciate the help and I incredibly enjoy the spirit of collaboration that is pushing our web presence much further than ever. Responding to many of you: Yes, Debi and I will be shooting more recipes to be posted on the site but we do not really have a schedule planned yet (not that we ever had one to begin with). We love the absolute total control that web-video has offered us in these past few years, however shooting a real TV show is quite a task and does not really leave much room for anything else in our life. As we plan to start filming Extra Virgin in about one month I promise you that we will do everything we can to crunch in one or two webisodes before Summer kicks in.

For the moment, please let us know if there is anything you would like to see more of or less of on Extra Virgin. Do you have favorite recipes you would like to see featured? Would you like to share any comments about the show? Debi and I care a lot about your feedback and your personal comments about our work…. at the end, this is how it started and how we would like to keep it; inclusive of you all, always.

We will start running a few polls on our Facebook Fan Page about episodes ideas and recipes as well, make sure to come in and check it out!

This is going to be a really full summer, and we could not be happier and more excited.

Again, thank you all for the incredible support you have been giving us, please stay with us and keep on following… it will be an amazing journey!

p.s. About the video I embedded. A friend of mine forwarded it to me via twitter a couple of weeks ago and I found it very funny. Coincidentally my youngest daughter (5 yrs) has asked me recently about the meaning of  the word “Virgin”. I gave her an un-padded response, we talked about family life and discussed the process of “creating a baby”. “YUCK, that is disgusting!” was her response. We then parted ways; she went back to play with her dolls, I got back to my work in the kitchen with a big smile on my face… “Yes baby, it is ok to be disgusted… for the moment”. Cut to: a few days later, bicycle ride around the block. As Giulia is pedaling on the sidewalk we encounter a couple of neighbors hanging by their front loan… three dogs are happily playing and chasing each other while running circles around their owner. Then suddenly, two of them decide to have a “quickie”! The humping starts, big dog humping smaller dog. Giulia stops the bicycle and turns to me: “I guess that dog is not Virgin anymore!”. And that to me was a real Extra Virgin moment. Oh, I just love being a father!!!