What food is Still Tasty and the best Food Newsletter available.

When the other day, as I was approaching the end of my cookie obsession, I realized that the bag of yeast I was about to use was expired two years ago, I paused.
How long dry yeast can survive?” I asked myself, “Isn’t it two years a bit of a stretch when it comes to food?“. I diligently launched my browser and started googling around, hoping for some useful direction…and don’t you know, not only I found what I was looking for, but I stumbled upon a website entirely dedicated to the issue. Keep it or Toss it, is the basic simple question behind the incredible work done at Still Tasty, a small and contained website that collects all information about food: How long will your favorite food or beverage stay safe and tasty? What is the best way to store it? Do you really need to rinse your chicken before cooking it?
Needless to say, I felt the need to blog about it and share with all of you my joyful discovery; it is time for some food education! The basic tips and information on the site will help you achieve a better understanding of your ingredients, they will open your eyes to the “life in the pantry and the fridge”, and at the end you will realize that all this can be translated into great savings!

I also wanted to share with our fellow foodies, my favorite Food Newsletter available these days:Tasting Table. This absolutely unpretentious and non intrusive newsletter can be received daily or weekly, and it feels almost like an underground music bulletin. Besides the stunning graphics and the ease of use, Tasting Table puts the spotlight on new young chefs and restaurants across America, it delivers easy recipes and is overall a very inspiring novelty to read.

As you might have noticed on our Twitter feed, I finally persuaded Deb to start putting herself out there, even if it’s with 140 characters at the time (absolutely not enough for her). While we are designing her own Beauty Blog, Deb will Twit about herself, the Tuscan Gun, and her new Cosmetic Line that we just developed out of Florence. Yes, you got it, our Olive Oil Beauty Line is almost ready to go, and we are planning for a Spring 2010 launch; stay tuned, as things will get very interesting.
Last but not least: I received an email from a grandmother on the East Coast. She has been using The Tuscan Gun to recreate dishes that her family used to make when she was younger…she wanted to share all this with her grandchildren, but… She asked me why I had to use graphics on the background of our articles: “They get me tired, impatient and frustrated, as my eyes are not what they used to be!”
Therefore, from now on, no more design is layered underneath the content of the website, hope this helps!