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The Hunt – Sponsored by Sassoregale – SOLD OUT

The Hunt – Sponsored by Sassoregale – SOLD OUT

Friday, Dec 16, 2016 at The Tuscan Gun

Someone could argue that prime season for Italian ingredients is early Summer… I do not completely disagree with that; since I was I kid I have always enjoyed the bountiful of vegetables and fruit that our family farm would produce that time of the year. Not many things can compete with a fresh summer dinner in Tuscany: if you have been there you know what I am talking about, if you have friends that traveled there I am sure they have not shut up about it since.

Something magical though happens when winter comes around, and farm life comes to a stand still: everybody gathers in front of the fireplace, which in Tuscan farms is also the stove, meals and stories are shared and bonds are strengthen.

Farmers become hunters for the season, they roam their fields in camouflage every day almost as if they were on a recon mission. They study the landscape, keep track of trees and wildlife… At times trees are old and die, they become wood for the fireplace. At times a boar or a hare gets into the wrong trail, and they become dinner.

Join us at The Tuscan Gun for a true celebration of Fiesole, its hunters and some of the most traditional fall dishes.

“Sassoregale was born in the rugged Maremma region in the heart of Tuscany. Unspoiled by the modern world, the rolling hills and dense forests of our home are as proud and as untamed as they have been for centuries. This land has served as a natural refuge for many animal species, particularly the wild boars (Cinghale) that guard the best vineyards, and to whom we honor on our label.

Tradition and culture run deep in this region, evolving slowly, and with purpose. It is the bold frontier that yields the best and most authentic expressions of Italian food and wine. This is the heritage of Sassoregale Sangiovese.

We are proud of where we come from. Our vineyards, nestled in a wild coastal region on the eastern edge of the Ombrone river and the Mediterranean sea, embody the culture of Tuscany.

Handcrafted with centuries-old methods, Sassoregale is civilized and sophisticated without ever losing that wild essence. This unmistakably old soul comes through the style, flavor and spirit of wine drinkers who know and appreciate our wine.

We are not your typical red of the past. The untamed and varied landscape of the Maremma produces diverse flavors, giving our Sangiovese a depth and personality that do not overstate its easygoing drinkability. 

In the glass, its color is a bright ruby red. On the nose, the wine has hints of Morello cherries, wild berries and moderate spice. On the palate, it is full-bodied with juicy tannins and a lasting, intensely elegant finish with hints of suede and earth. Sassoregale is the perfect match for a selection of great cuts of grilled meat, rustic Tuscan-style dishes, salumi and aged cheeses, and hearty roasts. 

Sassoregale- Always Tasteful. Never Tamed.”

As always, given the nature of our events and the small size of our room, tickets are transferrable but not refundable. Please double check your calendar before pulling the trigger!

Our shop is not a restaurant but rather a communal dining room. We do not fire our orders based on your arrival time, we do not use heating lamps and we get sad when our food gets cold because a guest is late. Pretend you are coming to dinner at grandma… mine used to smack me if I was late for Sunday supper. We won’t get physical, we will just start without you around 7.15.

“Santa Margherita USA proudly represents wineries from the best regions of Italy. For this evening’s wine pairings you will enjoy selections from Kettmeir from Alto Adige; a specialist in high-altitude, elegant, crisp white wines; Fattoria Sardi located in Lucca, Tuscany, which makes a multilayered, Provencal-style Rosé using biodynamic and certified organic viticultural and winemaking methods; Lamole di Lamole, a very special property in the Lamole Valley within Greve in Chianti, which makes elegant, traditional expressions of Chianti Classico; and Tenuta Sassoregale, in the Maremma Toscana region, which produces bold, elegant wines which echo the natural and untamed environment of its vineyards. Made to go with food, these wineries and wines capture the very best terroir and characteristics of their regions, and are created to enjoy with good friends and family. “

Taxes, Fees and Gratuity are included in this purchase.



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