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Jun 26, 2020 by Gabriele Corcos

To an American, carrot cake means a rich spiced cake frosted with super-sweet cream cheese icing. But to a Tuscan, this moist cake has no spices at all. In fact,…

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Dec 21, 2017 by Gabriele Corcos

We had a Sunday morning ritual at the farm in Fiesole. My early-rising grandfather, Renato, would start a fire in the dining room and by the time everyone was up, it…

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Jul 11, 2016 by Gabriele Corcos

When summer finally hits my farm in Tuscany, a dramatic  change occurs in the way my mom runs her kitchen. It’s not really a matter of ingredients, but a whole around…

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Mar 17, 2016 by Gabriele Corcos

You could get lost browsing a display window of a Tuscan bakery; we surely have a sweet tooth, and aside from real pastry shops, most bars in Italy always carry a…

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Dec 12, 2015 by Gabriele Corcos

Pandoro is a traditional cake that appears on every family’s table during the Christmas Holidays and delivers a bountiful of sugar and butter to underscore everybody’s celebratory mood! It has been…

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Nov 29, 2015 by Gabriele Corcos

It does not matter how in advance or how well you try to plan some Holiday playtime for your children, you eventually will have to brake out a cookie cutter. This…

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Nov 23, 2015 by Gabriele Corcos

I did not grew up celebrating Thanksgiving in Tuscany… I vaguely remember a couple of American kids attending my middle school, and how jealous I was when their family made…

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Jul 9, 2013 by Gabriele Corcos

I do not like baking that much. I think it is because of the restrictions imposed by working with exact measures and quantities. Not being able to improvise in the…

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Oct 4, 2010 by Gabriele Corcos

I never had pancakes in Italy. Please, my mom never made me pancakes! But now I have three girls at home, and I have to. My first approach was the…

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Aug 2, 2010 by Gabriele Corcos

Frittata is a wonderful snack in Italy which is used for an appetizer, for breakfast or whatever. It’s mostly used to recycle  any leftover you’ve got in the fridge like…

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Aug 27, 2009 by Gabriele Corcos

It is almost the end of summer, and if by any chance you happen to have a fruit tree in your backyard or in your garden, this is probably the…

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Dec 22, 2008 by Gabriele Corcos

We do not have much time to indulge in chatting today… we’re all scrambling to get it together before Thursday (Xmas 2008). In case you have some time left in…

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