Super Tuscan: Heritage Recipes and Simple Pleasures from Our Kitchen to Your Table – SIGNED – SOLD OUT


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Copies are all signed by Gabriele and Debi. If you would like a personal note or a dedication for a gift please let us know at time of purchase. Please note that personalized copies might ship a little later, in case Gabriele is not around to write them because of his traveling schedule.

From the celebrity/chef husband-wife team and authors of the bestselling Extra Virgin comes a brand-new cookbook with over 100 delicious recipes that incorporate Tuscan flair with classic American dishes.

With five seasons of their Cooking Channel show, Extra Virgin, still repeating regularly and their neighborhood Brooklyn Italian café-slash-supper-club, The Tuscan Gun, thriving in its second year, Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos have invited us again into their kitchen to share delicious recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

Good Italian cooking is family cooking. From potato gnocchi with a buttery red sauce just like how Gabriele’s grandmother used to make it, to the Tuscan fried chicken marinated in classic Italian flavors to put a whole new spin on a traditional American recipe, Super Tuscan showcases the best of both cultures, and introduces unique recipes that can only come from a multicultural kitchen.

Along with over 100 tasty recipes, Debi and Gabriele share entertaining anecdotes, useful tips, and day-to-day life in their household with over 125 stunning photographs. Super Tuscan will inspire you to make cooking a daily experience in your family life and live la dolce vita wherever you are.

“This book will save your life, your marriage, your heart.” —Madonna

“Dishes that combine Italian methods with American ingredients really shine… Many Italian cookbooks aim to convey a homey vibe; this one succeeds with charm to spare.”—Publishers Weekly

“Gabriele and Debi bring the taste of Tuscany right in your own kitchen, welcoming you to their table, so you feel like a member of their family. Super Tuscan bring those flavors home with unfussy Italian techniques and fresh ingredients. A glorious celebration of Tuscany!”—David Lebovitz, author of L’appart and My Paris Kitchen

“Debi and Gabriele bring true love to every dish they create. Their recipes and dynamic make me want to dance with joy, while eating a bowl of scrumptious Pappardelle with Asparagus and Mushrooms.”—Nina Clemente

“When Corcos and Mazar cook together the harmony is as libidinally provocative as it is remarkably delicious and yet…everything they make is in fact simple to do. Every single recipe in this tome makes me want to run through the vineyards of Toscana, or through my local farmers market with the same wide-eyed abandon as these two lovers of food, life, and yumbang.”—Mario Batali

“Debi and Gabriele’s beautiful marriage has always been the definition of #relationshipgoals for me. Super Tuscan, celebrates their love and union through a fantastic fusion of Tuscan and American sensibilities. I can’t wait to enjoy all of these dishes, surrounded by my loved ones.”—Elettra Wiedemann

“In Italy, Mom’s food always tastes better. What happens when mom and dad cook together with love? Read Super Tuscan and try any of the wonderful recipes that Gabriele and Debi prepared. Authentic Tuscan food never tasted this good!”—Beatrice Tosti di Valminuta Pena, chef-owner of Il Posto Accanto

“Gabriele and Debi’s books inspire me to cook all the time! The food is delicious; the recipes are simple and authentic! It’s always a special journey and a peek into their memories and experiences in Tuscany.”—Hilary Duff

“A deliciously simple yet sophisticated collection of Italian comfort that embraces you immediately, mirroring everything I love about Debi and Gabriele themselves!”—Lee Schrager

“Yum-yum! Super Tuscan-y!! Mmmmmm!!!”—Paul ‘Pee-wee Herman’ Reubens